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November 10 - November 14

District Office
  • District representatives (Cory Davis, Nick Hansel, Sharon McDermott, and Bob Walden) attended a session about Disaster Recovery Planning.
  • The last night of 3rd grade conferences was held on Tuesday.
  • Thank you PTO for bringing Secret Santa to DFE!
  • This week in first grade students are switching classes to learn about how different cultures celebrate Christmas around the world. Students are also sharing their timelines to tell about important events in their life.
  • In second grade, students will be completing a “Disguise a Gingerbread Person” activity. During this activity, students will be disguising their gingerbread person so that it will not be found and eaten!
  • Dibels benchmarking took place this week.
  • Ms. Fuller’s math students held a “Math Marathon” to help raise money for the library renovations. Students earned money for the points they scored on a computerized assessment. The students calculated how much they earned, counted out the money, and donated $19.60
  • Last week, special education teachers attended a district in-service.
  • In Miss Blake’s class, students created elves with pictures of themselves. Also, their classroom elf was interested in what they had learned and wanted to know “what stuck” with them from the day.

  • Congratulations to Chris Miller, FLCS Fiscal Officer, for receiving the Auditor of State Award. The award is presented for exemplary financial reporting.
  • Thank you to Mr. Bill Trout, FLCS Board Chairperson, for making a donation to support our student’s project based learning program.
  • Mr. Woods visited and met with students who are having attendance issues and also made time to conduct home visits.
  • Mr. Alexander went above and beyond by taking time to meet with a student who was having trouble dealing with a personal issue.
  • Mrs. Woodard attended a BFK workshop with other OAC educators to curate resources for classroom teachers on the BFK website. The finished product will provide grade level/content resources for common core, blended learning, FIP, and student motivation.
  • Miss Daw’s Physical Science students began their study of energy by determining the correct order in the steps of energy production using coal, natural gas, and hydro power. Once they had the steps in the correct order they compared the efficiency of each process.

Ohio Appalachian Collaborative
Philo Girls Basketball participating in the Stark County Hoop Fest
Philo Girls Basketball are participating in the Stark County Hoop Fest at Walsh University on Sunday, November 30th at 1:00 PM against Rocky River Magnificat . Tickets can be purchased at Philo High School during school hours for $10 for an adult ticket and $5 for students and seniors. The school will receive a percentage of ticket sales. If you have any questions, please call (740) 674-4355.   Read More >
Philo High School Selling Winter Sport Passes & Reserve Seats
Winter sport passes and reserve boys basketball seats can be purchased at Philo High School during school hours. Reserve Seats are $55 and an All Sport Pass with a Reserve Seat is $65. If you have any questions please call Cindy Brownrigg at 674-4355.  Read More >
Philo Junior High - High Progress School of Honor
The Ohio Department of Education has named Philo Junior High School a "High Progress School of Honor"! This is based on the 2013-2014 Ohio School Report Card data on student reading and math performance. The program looks at schools with a high percentage of students from economically disadvantaged homes and tracks the performance of all students in these areas for the five most recent years. It spotlights schools that have shown sustained progress in student performance by all students over that time period. There are around 3800 schools in Ohio, and we were 1 of 27 identified for this honor, requirements include: 
  • A school’s combined gains in reading and math proficiency results over the past five school years will need to meet or exceed the 90th percentile of all statewide gains. For example, in 2014 the change from 2014-2010 must meet or exceed the 90th percentile. 
  • If the school has a value-added measure, the school will need to have met or exceeded this measure for the three most recent school years. 
  • Finally, the school’s AMO grade must be an A, B, or C. 
  Read More >
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