Medication Administration Information

Medication must be stored and distributed according to established building procedures and all medication must be sent to school in its original package and pharmacy label by the parent or designated adult. For over-the-counter (non-prescription medications) the same procedure must be followed, with the exception of those procesured referring to the prescriber's permission and procedures. In the case of over the counter medications, the parent is responsible for complying with all procedures in lieu of the prescriber and assumes liability.

Permit for School to Administer Medication Forms

In order to administer prescription medications, this form must be completed in its entirety and placed on file in the school office. Asthma Inhaler and Medication forms for daily administration during the school day and for medication administration during field trips, including overnight field trips.One form must be completed per one medication.

District Policy for Administering Medication To Students

6.40 – Administering Medication To Students