Back-to-School FAQs


Question:        Where will the students eat lunch?
Answer:           Due to the unique needs of each building, eating arrangements will be a building level decision and will be updated as needed.

Cleaning Protocols:

Question:        What are you doing to allow for additional handwashing and hand sanitizing opportunities for students and staff?
Answer:           We have purchased additional hand sanitizing stations for each building. Each classroom will have hand sanitizer available. Students may bring their own hand sanitizer.

Question:        Will students be required to use hand sanitizer?
Answer:           The use of hand sanitizer is not required. Regular handwashing will be part of the students daily routine.

Question:        How often will classrooms be sanitized?
Answer:           The classrooms will be sanitized with an electrostatic sprayer daily.

Questions:       How often will desks and chairs be sanitized?
Answer:           Desk and chairs will be sanitized using appropriate cleaners any time students are “switching” locations.

Question:        Will students have any other form of protective equipment besides their face covering?
Answer:           The district has purchased a tri-fold, see through barrier that each student will keep with them throughout the day.

Question:        How often will drinking fountains be sanitized?
Answer:           Drinking fountains will be turned off. Students are encouraged to bring a filled water bottle with them each day. We will have water available and students will be permitted to fill their bottles throughout the day.


Question:        Are students required to wear face coverings?
Answer:           All students will be required to wear face coverings in accordance with school policy. The policy can be found at this link: FLSD Face Covering Policy

Question:        Will students be given the opportunity to take their masks off during the school day?
Answer:           In all grade levels, teachers will provide times and locations for students to “take a break” from their face coverings. Opportunities for learning outdoors will be utilized whenever possible.

Question:        Will the district provide face coverings?
Answer:           The district will have face coverings available in the event that a student is not able to provide one or if theirs becomes damaged or lost.

Question:        Does every student need to wear a mask on the bus?
Answer:           Every student will be required to wear a mask on the bus unless they have been approved for a medical exemption. (Requires a Doctor’s Note)

Question:        Are there any exemptions that will be accepted for the face covering requirement?
Answer:           Yes. A doctor’s note must be provided.

Question:        What types of face coverings are approved?
Answer:           The face covering must be made of cloth and cover the nose, chin, and mouth. “Shields” do not meet the health department guidelines as proper face coverings.



Question:        Does every student need to wear a mask on the bus?
Answer:           Every student will be required to wear a mask on the bus unless they have been approved for a medical exemption. (Requires a Doctor’s Note)

Question:        What happens if a student forgets their mask?
Answer:           Bus drivers will have masks available for students.

Question:        What are the plans for disinfecting buses?
Answer:           Buses will be disinfected twice a day, after morning drop off and again after students have been transported home.

Question:        How will students be seated on the bus?
Answers:         Social distancing will be utilized as much as possible. Siblings will ride together whenever possible. Two students may be required to ride in each seat.

Face-to-Face Learning:

Question:        Why are they only going to school Tuesday through Friday?
Answer:           First, we want to share that our intention to be back to Monday-Friday at some point. We will revisit this 4 day in-person, 1 day remote format quarterly.

We also want to reiterate that Monday will not be a “day off” for students or staff. Students will have remote learning activities to take part in and/or complete. These expectations will vary per grade building/grade level and will be communicated to students/families on the Friday before.

Staff will report to the school buildings on Mondays to conduct remote learning virtual meetings with students/families, planning for the needs of our students that have chosen our remote learning option, communicating with students/families, taking part in professional development regarding district initiatives, etc.

We recognize that there are many drawbacks for going face-to-face Tuesday-Friday.

Question:        When is the first day of school for students?
Answer:           Currently it is August 27th. We will communicate any changes that may arise.

Question:        How will we do Open House?
Answer:           Buildings are discussing options for how to do Open House, once decisions are made, plans will be communicated to families.

Remote Learning Option:

Question:        What will the Remote Learning look like?
Answer:           The remote learning option will look different in each grade level and within subjects. We are currently gathering information from families about their intentions to return to in person or take part in remote learning. We will continue to update this page as we make more decisions. More specific information about our remote plan can be found on page 4 of the following link:

Question:        Will technology be provided for students that choose the remote learning option?
Answer:           Yes, the same technology that is available for our Face-to-Face learners will be available for our remote learners.

Question:        How will students access the resources for remote learning?
Answer:           We anticipate that the resources will be most easily accessed online. We will also provide resources via paper/pencil when internet is not available.

Question:        Is the district providing internet for remote learning?
Answer:           We will use information from our parent survey concerning internet access in an attempt to help families acquire internet service.


Question:        Will you be offering latchkey?
Answer:           We will offer latchkey as long as we can comply with state and local health department mandates and be able to do so safely. At this time, our plan is to offer latchkey Tuesday through Friday. 6:30am-6:00pm