Diversity Information

In 2019, Franklin Local School District started a diversity committee with a single goal to teach our students RESPECT and ACCEPTANCE. We believe by doing this we will decrease occurrences of bullying and harassment. All diversity related activities will be age appropriate. The role of the district’s Diversity Committee and Specialist is to provide resources to help our students and staff promote respect and acceptance. To dispel the rumors, we have not adopted a special diversity curriculum. We are, however, putting age-appropriate resources in place to help teach our students about topics such as kindness and acceptance. We will also be able to assist individual students and families as needs arise.

Let me be clear: The role of the Franklin Local Diversity Committee and Specialist position is to teach and promote respect and acceptance with age-appropriate resources, NOT promote specific religions, races, or lifestyles. We want to help our students understand there are differences in our world and to be respectful despite any differences.