FLSD Back-to-School Fall 2020 Information

Dear Franklin Local Family,

Thank you for your patience and understanding over the last few months as we have been working on policies, procedures and protocols to get our students and staff back to school as safely as possible.

The Franklin Local School District has developed multiple plans for what school may look like when students return in fall of 2020. These plans have been developed with guidance and recommendations from local, state and federal government and public health officials. It is important that we emphasize that these plans are fluid. The COVID-19 landscape and the ongoing guidance we receive is ever changing and therefore our plans must evolve as we move forward.

Like many other districts around the state of Ohio, we have decided to use the Ohio COVID-19 Risk Level for Muskingum County as the deciding factor for how the Franklin Local School District will provide instruction. Current Risk Levels can be found at: coronavirus.ohio.gov, under Ohio Public Health Advisory System.

The risk level and related instructional formats are below:

*FLSD is currently on the Green Plan*
*Muskingum County’s Current Risk Level is Level 1 (Yellow)*


Risk Level 1 (Yellow) and 2 (Orange)
Option A: Face-to-Face Instruction

Students will return to school for in-person instruction Tuesday-Friday with additional health and safety protocols. These include staff and students wearing face coverings, social distancing, and an emphasis on other preventative measures. Staff will communicate Monday learning expectations to students.

Option B: Remote Learning

Students will receive instructional support from a licensed teacher remotely. Materials to support remote instruction may be accessed digitally and/or through “paper” copies.


  • The remote learning option requires that, if at any point in the year, you decide to return to Face-to-Face instruction, you will not be permitted to return to Remote Learning. If unforeseen circumstances arise, those will be handled on a case-by-case basis by school administrator(s).
  • Students can and will be exited from the remote learning option due to non-compliance or lack of engagement if the district is operating on the Green/Face-to-Face Plan.


Risk Level 3 (Red)

FLSD will determine between a Hybrid Model combination of Remote and Face-to-Face Instruction or Remote Learning for All

Risk Level 4 (Purple)

Remote Learning for All Students

In an effort to better serve the students and families of the Franklin Local School District we are offering two options anytime that face-to-face learning is the instructional format. Each option is explained in the chart above.

We need you to complete the following questionnaire that will provide us with vital information as we plan for the start of school. The information you are providing will be specific for each child. Please complete this survey for each child by Friday, August 7th.You can access the survey through the following link: FLSD Back-to-School Fall 2020 Survey . If you do not have internet access please call one of our buildings to complete the survey over the phone. We have included questions regarding transportation and internet access as we continually try to increase internet access and as we plan for getting our students to and from school.

Thank you in advance for providing this critical information as we plan for the upcoming school year.

Click Here for Summary Click Here for COVID-19 Handbook Click Here for Survey