Food Request for Non School-Aged Children in Franklin Local School District

We have developed our All Hands Mondays to provide 5 breakfast and 5 lunch meals each week for each child ages 1-18 in the Franklin Local School District.  Starting on Monday, March 23rd, our buses, box truck, and van will leave Philo High School at 11:00 a.m.  We plan to follow our bus routes and deliver the meals to houses and open enrollment stops.  For our walkers and large pick-up sites, we have specific times.  The box truck will be at Parkview Arms Apartments and Roseville Elementary School around 11:30 a.m., then will travel to Village Green Apartments and Franklin Local Community School around 12 noon.  The van will be at Duncan Falls Elementary School at 11:15, then at Philo Junior High School around 11:45.  We cannot predict when our buses will be at all the other houses in our school district or to our open enrollment stops; however, the buses should be there within an hour to an hour half.  We need your cooperation by being prepared and waiting at your bus stop or ready to run out of your house.  The drivers will beep a few times if you are not outside, then move on.  We also need to know if your household has any children younger than school-age because we can provide meals for them.  To let us know if you have additional children, click here to complete the Food Survey.  This meal delivery is for all children ages 1-18.  The first week might be a little clunky but we’ll work out the kinks so our children are fed.  If for some reason we skip your house, please call your school office on Monday by 1:30 so we can get you scheduled for all future deliveries.  Thanks to our staff members who will be packing, riding the buses, and delivering food.  We’re All IN for our All Hands Mondays!

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