Student Wi-Fi Cafés

Student Wi-Fi cafés being offered by the City of Zanesville in response to challenges caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. Below are locations that are open to the public and all students are welcome to use. The city has provided chrome books to borrow, an open high speed Wi-Fi network (if they want to use their own device) and at some locations -volunteers and/or paid administration ready to assist students with their assignments. Please make this list known to all students in your district. You can contact each location for site specific times and program details.

Zanesville Civic League Community Center, Lisa Rooks, 740-452-7401
Boy Scouts of America, Ed Mulholland,
Bethel Community Center, 740-297-4795
CASS-Mind Academy,
Muskingum Family Y, Jeremy Byers, 740-454-4767
Careytown, Tierra Campbell, 740-454-6891
The Carr Center, Becky, 740-453-5417
James D Singer Center, (740) 452-5463
The Gant House, Steve Stewart, 740-607-4727

If you have any further program questions, please feel free to give me a call.

Stephanie A. Winland
Community Development Department
City of Zanesville
401 Market St. Rm. 204
Zanesville, OH 43701
Direct 740.617.4879