Vaccine Clinic

Attention Parents/Guardians of current Franklin Local School District 6th grade and 11th grade students:

Zanesville-Muskingum County Health Department (ZMCHD) is working with your child’s school to give immunizations to children at school. ZMCHD offers all recommended vaccines by the Centers for Disease Control.

The vaccine clinic for your school will be held on Thursday May 17, 2018. ZMCHD is able to bill most insurance, we also offer vaccines to VFC (Vaccine for children) eligible children. For specific questions regarding insurance please contact the health department at 740-454-9741.

Current six and eleventh grade students will be receiving a consent form in the mail that allows you to accept or refuse some or all the vaccinations that will be offered during the immunization clinics. Should you choose to have your child fully vaccinated, your child will only receive vaccine recommended by the CDC guidelines. Any vaccines that are refused will not be administered to your child.   How to accept vaccinations at your child’s school based immunization clinic:

  1. Sign and date the consent form you receive in the mail and check the yes box for the vaccines for your child.
  2. Return the consent form to the school with a copy of your insurance card.

If you have questions about the vaccine or the vaccination clinics, please contact our school nurse at your student’s building or call the ZMCHD at 740-454-9741. Your child’s health care provider can also answer your questions about vaccine preventable diseases. You may visit for more information about vaccines that your child will need.