FLCS Profile

The Franklin Local Community School (FLCS) is an innovative school that is a cooperative effort between FLCS and Franklin Local School District, the sponsor.

FLCS, a public alternative school, serves approximately 100 students in grades 7 through 12. Our experienced staff provides small-group instruction focusing on the core content areas and 21st Century skills today’s students need to be successful in their careers.

FLCS is a unique educational setting that provides options for an individual wanting to earn a high school diploma. Instruction is provided through a student-centered approach. Our goal is to provide creative, relevant, and real-world instruction that embraces the learning styles of all students while preparing them for the 21st century. We feel that this approach enables our students to achieve academic success and creates a successful future.

The mission of the Franklin Local Community School is to enhance and facilitate student learning by combining curriculum and instruction with access to local school resources that complement instruction and prepares students to become lifelong learners and productive citizens.

Educational Philosophy and Beliefs

Franklin Local Community School strives to take students at their current academic levels, build upon that foundation, and increase achievement at developmentally appropriate rates and levels. We do this with the assistance of a variety of educational opportunities and competent instructors in a cost-efficient manner. Our ultimate goal is to provide applicable skills that will allow students to be lifelong learners and achieve success in their future endeavors. Another important factor woven into the school is the belief that effective education is a cooperative venture between the students, teachers, support staff, and the primary caregivers. Furthermore, in many instances the local public schools, organization, and social services can provide valuable support. In short, a teaming process is critical to the success of this educational program.

Curriculum and Assessment

Curriculum is aligned to Ohio’s Learning Standards to prepare all students to be college and career ready. Grades 7-12 curriculum, supported by instructional strategies and resources aligned to the standards, promotes a deep understanding and rigor of content, knowledge, and skills for all students to achieve high levels of academic achievement.

Curriculum and instruction are provided in both the traditional classroom setting and through alternative learning opportunities. The goal is to identify individual current academic achievement and move forward from that point. The curriculum provides the necessary basic and applied skills appropriate to the particular discipline. Besides the strong focus on connecting the curriculum to real-world situations, there is a focus on student learning styles. The curriculum development process is ongoing, and will be updated as necessary to comply with future state curriculum models and/or standards.

Credit Flex Information

The Franklin Local Community School offers a unique educational setting that provides instruction through a student-centered approach, empowering students to be critical thinkers and problem solvers. The school offers APEX credit recovery, project-based learning and access to technology for all students, small classes in traditional classrooms, and opportunities to participate in part-time work in the community while earning credit. Our goal is to provide creative, relevant, and real-world instruction to enable our students to achieve academic success, build toward a successful future, and become productive members of their community.

The Franklin Local Community School is happy to offer a credit flexibility program to its students. This educational option allows students to take charge of their learning. Some students see more value in school when they can connect learning with real-world situations and potential jobs. The key to this option is that the student drives the request to learn differently as well as the plan to earn the credit. A student’s personal interest serves as the basis for the request.

The teacher assigned with the credit flexibility plan ensures the student is doing the work, reaching goals, and making progress in learning. It is the student’s responsibility to do the work to find success. The teacher guides the student by providing feedback.


The introduction of technology in education is continuing to create great opportunities for students and teachers at the Franklin Local Community School. The opportunities include a greater access to robust, digital curriculum, the availability of mobile devices in order to provide more meaningful learning, and expanding knowledge of social networking tools for learning and professional development.


The Franklin Local Community School uses the local report card data to measure progress made. Results of the 2016-2017 Report Card for Franklin Local Community School are as follows:

School Rating – Meets Standards;
Progress – Meets Standards;
4-Year Graduation Rate – Exceeds Standards;
5-Year Graduation Rate – Exceeds Standards;
6-Year Graduation Rate – Exceeds Standards;
7-Year Graduation Rate – Exceeds Standards;
8-Year Graduation Rate – Exceeds Standards; and,
Combined Graduation Rate – Exceeds Standards.

The Graduation Rate component of the FLCS Report Card demonstrates the ongoing standard of success for students finishing high school and earning a high school diploma. A high school diploma provides increased opportunities for jobs, assists in furthering a student’s education, and promotes a sense of pride and accomplishment throughout life. Franklin Local Community School is proud to provide a variety of educational opportunities for all students to achieve success.