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The Assistant Superintendent’s Office is responsible for maintenance of the District’s buildings and grounds. Additional responsibilities include safety and security policy and outside group use of facilities.

Facilities Use Request

Board sponsored groups (activity clubs, PTO’s etc.) will not be charged for use of facilities, but may be charged for custodian or cook services outside of the regularly scheduled shifts. When any other group or organization uses the facilities, they shall pay a rental fee plus the current wage for the required custodian services. Custodian lime accumulates when the group requires his services during his regular schedule, or if he is required to be in the building additional time. A custodian (or other school employee) is required when the building is in use except with permission of the Superintendent. If a kitchen is to be used for food preparation, a cook must be scheduled and paid the current rate for all time needed. School facilities are not available for non school sponsored commercial, profit making purposes. Due to high costs of school owned equipment, the district may require an equipment rental fee or deny its use altogether to outside groups.

Provisions for Use of School Facilities

  • Application for facility use must be made to the building administrator at least one week prior to its scheduled use.
  • All activities must have adult (over 18 years of age) supervisors.
  • The activities shall be confined to the area(s) requested.
  • The area used shall be left in an orderly condition.
  • School equipment shall not be used unless authorized by the building administrator.
  • Proper gym shoes are to be used on gymnasium floors for athletic activities.
  • At the discretion of the administrator, police protection may be required for certain events.
  • No alcoholic beverages or smoking is permitted on school grounds.
  • The applicant signing the Facility Use Form assumes responsibility for paying all fees charged including any damages.
  • Provide proof of liability insurance: minimum coverage of $1,000,000 required.

Complete the online Facility Use Request

Your event will not be scheduled until a building representative confirms your request.

Contact Information

Rob Preston, Assistant Superintendent
Kim Smith, Secretary
Temple Miller, Secretary

360 Cedar Street
Duncan Falls, OH 43734