Board Members

The members serving the Franklin Local School District have served communities in a variety of ways. They all share a commitment to education and student success.

Meet our Board Members

The Board of Education of the Franklin Local School District shall consist of five members who shall be electors residing in the School District. The term of office of a Board member shall begin on the first day of January after election and shall continue for four years or until a successor is elected and qualified.

Susan Lent, Franklin Local Board Member President

Mr. John Coler

Board Member, President

John Coler, Franklin Local Board Member Vice President

Mr. Jim Swingle

Board Member, Vice President

Larry McCutcheon, Franklin Local Board Member

Mr. Larry McCutcheon

Board Member

Jim Swingle, Franklin Local Board Member

Mr. Marc Carpenter

Board Member

Marc Carpenter, Franklin Local Board Member

Mrs. Susan Lent

Board Member