School Board

The chief function of the Board of Education is policy-making in nature. The Board formulates and adopts written policies regarding personnel, administration of pupil personnel, educational programs and instructional materials, facilities and equipment, finances, and public relations for the quality education of the youth of the Franklin Local School District. The Board, functioning within the framework of laws, court decisions, Attorney General opinions, and similar mandates from the state and national levels of government, and recognizing the authority of the State, fulfills its mission as the governing body of the School District.

Meet the School Board

The members serving the Franklin Local School District have served communities in a variety of ways. They all share a commitment to education and student success.

Board Meetings

The Board shall hold regular meetings at least once every two months as required by law. The Board may change the date, time, and/or place of any regular meeting, and the Treasurer shall take appropriate steps to inform the public and media of the change within a reasonable time preceding the meeting.