The Office of Curriculum and Instruction provides support to the district and schools in the areas of curriculum, instruction, assessment, professional development, and educational services to serve the educational needs of all students and to ensure all students are college and career ready. District and building goals demonstrate a strong commitment and dedication to building an academic foundation for future success for all students.

Student and Parent Resources

We understand that high performing schools pay attention to the whole child to improve the quality of life for our students and community members.

Staff Resources

Professional development is required for continued licensure for all educators and administrators. To be of high quality, professional development is guided by the learning needs of all students, includes accepted theory on the learning needs of educators and incorporates a planned progression for improvement on a continuing basis.

Title 1

A federally funded program designed to ensure that all students have an opportunity to access a high quality education.

State Report Cards

Find detailed information about district and school progress, such as student performance, enrollment, graduation rate, education funding and more.